For culture vultures

As we all know, there are many reasons to travel. But Thuringia’s cultural landscape can provide some of the finest. Here, world heritage sites line up close to each other. You can experience ‘Classical Weimar’ and the Bauhaus and see for yourself how alive history and tradition can be. There is a special atmosphere around authentic places linked with Luther, Bach, Goethe and Schiller as well as Wartburg Castle near Eisenach. And if you are not yet a ‘culture connoisseur’, you can become one in the process of travelling and start planning your next Thuringia trip – to attend a top-class concert, a magical opera performance or a one-of-a-kind festival.

Which cultural treasures do you want to discover?

Weimar – A German Classic?

Whether Goethe, Schiller and the Weimar Classicism, Modernism and Bauhaus, castles and gardens or the Quartier der Moderne - Weimar is a city for culture lovers. But it is much more: a place of enchanting old alleys, secluded corners and nice little shops.