Around the world in Thuringia

Bonjour, Ciao, Hei, Hello in Thuringia!

Summer at last! Let’s go to France, Italy, Norway and England! Sounds like a full agenda and far away? It doesn’t have to be. A holiday in Thuringia has an international flavour. Let yourself be enchanted by the French charm of our wine regions. You will soak up an Italian atmosphere as you stroll through our old towns. Our majestic palaces and parks exude a hint of English royalty. You can enjoy Norwegian idylls in a trip on our Thuringian Sea or our lakes, or in our outdoor experiences.  
All of this comes with a good dash of Thuringian regional identity. We will take you with us on a trip around the world. Without having to travel far at all – Herzlich Willkommen to Thuringia! Or as our (distant) friends say: Bienvenue! Benvenuti! Velkommen! Welcome!

Your summer in Thuringia

Many people can't wait to spend time at the beach or the lido during the hot summer months. However, summer also makes it possible to experience something special in urban environments. You can have no end of fun at open-air concerts and events, and cool local bars and eateries serve you sparkling drinks and snacks outdoors; however, there are also more athletic activities on offer right in the middle of the city centre. Discover sandy beaches, cosy spots next to cool rivers or a dreamy green oasis just outside the city with a fantastic ambience.

Our favourite trips

Family fun

Thuringia has a lot to offer for children and families. Great amusement parks, adventurous playgrounds, adventure pools, family-friendly hiking trails & fairytale paths and much more things to do. You can relax in family hotels with spacious rooms, children's entertainment and play worlds. Discover what is possible and look forward to lots of fun and adventure.