freiheyt 1525. 500 years Peasants' War

In 2025, numerous museums in Europe are commemorating the Peasants' War, which 500 years ago led to numerous feuds not only in Germany, but also in other countries such as Austria and Switzerland, and left its mark on history. There were also riots and incendiary speeches in Thuringia and the neighbouring state of Saxony-Anhalt. The rural areas in the north of Thuringia in particular were the scene of the warlike conflicts.
The centre of the action was the former imperial city of Mühlhausen and the town of Bad Frankenhausen at the foot of the Kyffhäuser Mountains. Here, rebels raised "word and arms" against the clergy and nobility, fighting for more rights - for "freedom and justice". There were repeated uprisings; castles and churches were stormed and monasteries razed. Under the symbol of the rainbow and the flag of the radical reformer Thomas Müntzer, a decisive military conflict took place on the so-called Schlachtberg (today the site of the Panorama Museum Bad Frankenhausen).