Thuringia says “Hello”

English royalty

Thuringia can rightly be described as the land of residences. The numerous palaces and castles that dot the landscape here allow you to immerse yourself in the noble life of past centuries. Welcome to Thuringia and our tips for that English feeling.

Elisabethenburg palace in Meiningen

Theatre, literature, music, architecture and art – the baroque Elisabethenburg palace opens up many cultural perspectives. Today, there are several museums and collections on the palace grounds, which invite you into a world of discovery in the magnificent palace rooms and side buildings. Visit the extensive English Garden in Meiningen too. It’s just a few minutes’ walk away from the palace.

Fun fact:
In the 19th century, Princess Adelheid von Sachsen-Meiningen ascended the British throne and ruled alongside her husband for seven years.

Tip: In summer, the palace grounds host the GRASGRÜN festival with concerts, theatre performances, film nights and much more.

Altenstein palace and park

A true gem awaits you on the outskirts of Bad Liebenstein. Hidden in the forest, Altenstein palace and park extend over 160 hectares. A view of the palace opens up through the gate of the former court marshal’s office. It almost feels like you are visiting Princess Kate and her William for afternoon tea at one of their idyllic country estates.

The palace was remodelled in the late 19th century in the style of the English aristocracy. This means semicircular oriels, arched windows, curved gables, obelisks and chimneys on the roof. Hidden treasures await you in the palace park – a knight’s chapel or a Chinese tea-house – vantage points over the Werra valley and artistically landscaped flower beds.

Park an der Ilm in Weimar

He expresses his love for nature in poems and meditations. What Johann Wolfgang von Goethe described was literally outside his front door – he often found inspiration in his garden and the Park an der Ilm. Goethe had a hand in designing the latter, which is how the park came to look English. As befits an English landscape garden, the focus in the Ilmpark is on naturalness. Trees and meadows seem as though they simply grew there and everything nestles gently into the undulations of the River Ilm. You will also discover various constructions here, such as the Roman House, a park cave, the Templar House or an artificial ruin.

Tip: You will find some UNESCO World Heritage Sites around the park – the Classical Weimar with Goethe and Schiller for one, and the famous 20th century Bauhaus school of art. More on this:


Title image: ©Florian Trykowski, Thüringen Tourismus GmbH

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