Nationale Naturlandschaften Thüringen

Nationalpark, Naturparke und Biosphärenreservate

Nationalpark, Naturparke, Biosphärenreservate: In gleich acht Nationalen Naturlandschaften können in Thüringen seltene Tiere und Pflanzen beobachtet werden. Jedes der acht geschützten Gebiete hat dabei seinen eigenen Charme und Charakter.

Entdecken Sie Frühblüher und die Bärlauchblüte im Hainich, Karstlandschaften im Südharz, Sommerfrische im Vessertal, weidende Schafe in der Rhön, Apfelschmaus und Kranichrufe im Kyffhäuser oder Heullwellness und Heubraten im Thüringer Wald. Mit dem Naturführer unterwegs, in den Infozentren oder bei Veranstaltungen - die Nationalen Naturlandschaften überraschen Naturliebhaber immer wieder aufs Neue!

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Buchenwald im Hainich
Woodland going wild again

UNESCO World Heritage Hainich National Park

What would the world look like without us? If there weren’t any people, just nature, completely untouched. Beech trees as far as the eye can see, the air filled with a fungal, earthy aroma. The Hainich region is one of the last remnants of the ancient woodland that once covered large swathes of central Europe. At around 130 square kilometres, it is Germany’s largest unbroken area of deciduous forest. Its southern section is a national park, which became part of the UNESCO World Heritage Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and Ancient Beech Forests of Germany in 2011. Although at first glance its natural landscape might not seem quite as spectacular as chalk cliffs, coral reefs or canyons, it is nevertheless unique and provides a very special habitat for many rare species.
Blick auf die Hohenwarte-Talsperre in Thüringen
The Hohenwarte Reservoir Trail

Walking around the 'Thuringian Sea'

Europe’s largest continuous reservoir region is located in the Thuringian Slate Mountains/Upper Saale nature park. With its large expanses of water surrounded by dense forests it is reminiscent of Scandinavian fjords. The locals fondly refer to this area as the ‘Thuringian Sea’. And right at the heart of it is the Hohenwarte Reservoir Trail – a highly memorable 74.4 kilometre walking route.
When you can't hear much for a change

The sound of the Rennsteig Trail

As you’re walking along, it takes a while to realise that you can’t hear much for a change. Except for the buzzing of bees, the wind in the canopy and your own footsteps. It’s a quiet, but by no means uneventful tour from Oberhof to Allzunah.
Thüringer Bergbahn im Schwarzatal
The Thuringian Mountain Railway

Take the funicular into herb country

A real treasure for historical railway enthusiasts and nature lovers awaits in the wild and romantic Schwarza valley. The fully electrified Oberweissbach funicular railway has been serving the region since the early 20th century. In summer, an open-top carriage allows you to savour the fresh woodland air and enjoy the breeze on your face, while the ‘natural remedy train’ provides an interactive introduction to Thuringia’s herb country.
Bienenwiese auf Schloss Tonndorf
Cycling in the Ilm valley

Bees in a sea of blossoms

Rambling roses and old fruit trees are a common sight in the middle valley of the Ilm river, which flows at a leisurely pace past rolling hills, idyllic villages and meadows buzzing with bees – perfect for a laid-back cycling trip.