The Froebel star

Christmas craft with a long tradition

Whether cinnamon stars, poinsettias or Herrnhut stars ... Without them, Christmas season just doesn’t feel right. One of the most famous stars is the Froebel star. It decorates windows, arrangements and Christmas trees. Ever tried making one yourself?

The origin of the Froebel star is not 100% clear and was often assumed to be in Scandinavia. However, the Froebel Star owes its name to the German pedagogue and founder of the kindergarten Friedrich Wilhelm Froebel. The children were supposed to, for example, develop their fine motor skills by folding as well as experience creating something themselves . This included crafting things with paper, like these stars. Folding the paper thought takes patience and skill until the strips transform into the famous star. Want to try it yourself?

Header image: ©Dominik Saure, Thüringer Tourismus GmbH

do it yourself Froebel star


Folding guide for Froebel stars ...

DIY manual for Froebel stars

A German Christmas Tradition from Thuringia

Step by step explanations make it really easy to relive this German Christmas tradition by yourself. Just have a try! (Manual with German texts)

Our excursion tips

• Froebel forest at the Thuringian mountain railway
At the mountain station of the Thuringian mountain railway in Lichtenhain lies the Fröbelwald forest adventure trail.The 900-metre-long trail provides playful information about forests and history with different stations. 
The Froebel Tower in Oberweißbach
The landmark of Oberweißbach offers a magnificent view over the Thuringian low mountains. On the playground and in the restaurant you can take a leisurely break.
Friedrich Froebel Museum in Bad Blankenburg
The Friedrich-Fröbel-Museum brings the beginnings of the kindergarten to life. It was there that Friedrich Wilhelm Fröbel began to practice his program for early childhood education and upbringing.
Memorial Museum Friedrich Froebel
In the pretty half-timbered house, the birthplace of Fröbel, there is an exhibition on the life and work of the world-renowned preschool educator.
Circular hiking trail - "Friedrich-Fröbel" in Bad Blankenburg
The cultural-historical and scenic hiking trail connects the places where Friedrich Fröbel worked.

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