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When you think of Erfurt, the first thing that comes to mind is of course the picturesque Krämerbrücke and the imposing cathedral. But at second glance, visitors to the Thuringian capital quickly realise that it has so much more to offer than the famous old town. And it precisely these lesser-known beauties that we want to dedicate ourselves to today, with a city tour through green Erfurt. Contrary to expectations, our tour guide is not made of flesh and bone but, rather, accompanies us in the form of the city-tour case, erfurt.unboxed.

Your interactive city tour

With more than 10 different routes and 14 stops, erfurt.unboxed offers its users a customised city experience in which you can decide for yourself at every stop where you want to go next. Designed for use by 1-4 persons, erfurt.unboxed has something for everybody in a group full of different interests with its diverse, interactive ideas and suggestions. With erfurt.unboxed in your luggage, you’ll be perfectly equipped for every trip to Erfurt. The little adventure case has everything you need for a fun tour through the Thuringian capital.

Now all that’s left to do is to grab your favourite people and a few provisions and off you go on a mini-adventure! And you can be sure that everybody will get a lot out of this city tour, no matter whether you’re a group of friends, a couple, with kids or, like us, with the family pet. The starting point for every tour is Domplatz. What would be another good use for the steps leading up to the church building? That’s right! First sit yourself down and have a look through the box. As well as tonnes of information and insider tips from locals for locals, erfurt.unboxed surprises its users at every stop with a different interactive activity. This can be a fun diversion or simply a little souvenir for those you left behind at home.

©Anika Luthardt, feelslike.erfurt

In this case, 8 green die roll out of the little, lovingly designed box. The task: whoever rolls their way up the cathedral steps fastest wins! And because just climbing one staircase would be horribly boring, especially for our four-legged companions, we decide to set off next to climb the nearest hill: Erfurt’s greenest vantage point, the Petersberg. Once there, not only can you enjoy tremendous views but also crown yourself king of Erfurt, swing over the roofs of the city and, of course, picnic lavishly. The travel guide in the box informed us about every spot on Petersberg worth seeing and had a map for orientation – mega-practical!

©Anika Luthardt, feelslike.erfurt

Downhill again for our next stop but don’t worry: just geographically, not in a cultural sense! This is where not only the fox and magpie get together (the famous KiKA TV show characters) but also artists from all over the world! Have you guessed it yet? We’re paying a visit to the Theaterplatz! It’s gently separated off by a stream of the River Gera, over which an old weeping willow bows. Another Erfurt cultural location is situated on the opposite side: the Zentralheize. A thriving event venue with varying exhibitions that is not to be missed. And when you’re having a hard time deciding between all this cultural diversity, just leave it up to the box and the interactive activity designed for Theaterplatz. I’ll just reveal this much: our hearts really opened up here, ha!
After some time walking around and exploring, you could well start to feel a little peckish, and erfurt.unboxed has a little surprise ready for just this case. The Erfurt natives are affectionately known as Puffbohnen – broad beans – and vouchers in the form of “Puffbohnen dollars” are hidden among the pages of the travel guide. These can be redeemed at local retailers. We decide to try out “Ohne Manieren Streetfood”. The little food truck is just five minutes walk away from the theatre and tempted us in with its unusual specialities: corn dogs (also vegan versions), Belgian fries with a huge selection of sauces, delicious combi-bowls and hearty bread pockets. With some culinary treats in our bags, we make ourselves comfortable in the nearby Brühler Garten and enjoy the midday sun. With energy recouped and stomachs full, we now faced the question: what would be the best way to round off our day?

We decide on the Luisenpark route, since erfurt.unboxed promised us a welcome refreshment there. This was waiting for us at the Drei-Brunnen-Quelle, Erfurt’s only mineral spring. And of course we had to test the water from every single tap! And by the way: the city tour case even has a very authentic drinking container in it! Cheers! At the end of our trip, our fluffy companion Simba is allowed to cool down in the River Gera and we set off home with happy hearts after an eventful day in the green Thuringian capital city. Will we come again? Absolutely! After all, there are another 9 tours left in the little erfurt.unboxed adventure case still to be explored. Erfurt – you can be a real adventure!

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