Fancy a refreshing dip?

Discover cool spots on hot days

The sun is high in the sky; you are wiping the sweat off your brow, time for a break! In Thuringia, you can cool down properly in many places. Regardless of whether you dangle your feet in the water, escape the hot sun by going underground or enjoy a tasty ice cream – you are bound to find something refreshing to do.

Water sports, coupled with sightseeing

Several arms of the Gera river flow through Erfurt. You'll find their courses in various places in the city centre. Locals and tourists alike tend to hang out especially near Merchants’ Bridge, with one aim only: To dip their feet into the lovely, cool water. People with sunglasses carrying cold ice creams are vying for the best spots on the riverbank. If this kind of refreshment isn't enough for you, how about simply hiring a canoe and pootling down the Walkstrom arm of the river by yourself. You'll not only earn admiring glances; it's also a refreshingly different way to explore Erfurt's city centre.

Canoe fun and rubber dinghy action. Tips for adventures on the water. 

  1. Whether a canoe, a kayak or a rubber dinghy – in Jena, you'll find the perfect conditions for water-based activities. 
  2. Stand-up paddling has long since become a major trend. Give it a try, for example in the Thüringen Meer.
  3. Wild water canoeing, canoe slalom, canoe tours and more – you can do all of these things in Sömmerda
  4. Explore the water at a leisurely pace with the swan pedalo Sissy and the rowing boat Laila. You'll find these two characters and much more at Strand22 by the Saale river.

Get on board with summer

You'll find the leisure and recreational area Nordstrand park just outside the city centre. You can get even closer to the water here, swim and dive in it to your heart's content, or even have a go at water skiing or wakeboarding. Professionals are on hand to show you what to do to make sure that you'll safely "get on board" but still don't miss out on the adrenaline rush. Once you've had your kicks, you can relax comfortably on the beach and enjoy a tasty ice cream, or do even more sports: There are beach volleyball and beach football courts.

Cool down underground

You'll find a different way to cool down underground, far away from any beach or water. That's right, we are talking about subterranean tunnels where it's pleasantly cool in the summer. Thuringia has quite a few of these to offer.

 How about a guided tour through the listening post tunnels at Petersberg Citadel in Erfurt? All-year round, the temperature in the tunnels is around ten to fifteen degrees Celsius. On a guided tour, you will learn lots of interesting facts about the citadel, which towers high above Erfurt's old city centre – and will resurface afterwards wonderfully refreshed and ready to explore the city some more.

Or discover the historic "Höhler" in Gera. That's what the city's labyrinthine underground beer cellars are called. They ensure that the beer stays lovely and cold, as the temperature in the "Höhler" is an even twelve to thirteen degrees.

The taste of summer

Of course, an ice cream tastes just as good as a cold beer in the summer. This popular summertime treat is also a favourite in Thuringia, of course. There are always long queues of people in need of an ice cream at the local ice cream parlour Goldhelm-Eiskrämer on the Merchants’ Bridge in Erfurt, and not only during the hot summer months. Handmade ice cream created by the resident chocolatier from regional ingredients. Discover unusual flavours and enjoy your ice cream in front of the beautiful Merchants’ Bridge.

You'll also find amazing ice cream creations in other towns and cities in Thuringia. In Weimar, you can't miss Biebereis: Felix Bieber pops up at various town festivals, markets and music festivals with his unusual ice cream creations: Chocolate brownie, watermelon & mint or mulled wine flavour – he caters for all tastes. 

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