Recharging through water treading

Kneipp therapy in Thuringia

You want to do something good for your health and spend time in nature at the same time? This is possible with the Kneipp method. Here we will reveal what Kneipp therapy is and where you can find it in Thuringia.

Kneipp therapy is a holistic natural therapy that was developed more than 150 years ago by the priest Sebastian Kneipp. It is still used today to treat cardiovascular diseases, to strengthen the immune system and to reduce stress.  

Kneipp therapy has ‚Äú5 pillars‚ÄĚ:  

  • water in the form of bathing or water treading 
  • medicinal herbs in teas or bath salts 
  • a natural and balanced diet 
  • regular exercise 
  • an inner balance through active periods of relaxation  

We will show you places in Thuringia where you can try out water treading. The gentle exercise and the tranquillity of nature that you experience when water treading help you to slow down and recharge your batteries.  

Kneipp facility in Bad Liebenstein 

Bad Liebenstein is Thuringia‚Äôs first spa and health resort. According to legend, the spring water has a healing effect. You can try the spring water for yourself in the Brunnentempel or in the pump room.  

The pump room is located in the historic spar gardens, where you will find the Kneipp facility. In the Kneipp treading pool, you wade through cold water until your feet and lower legs begin to feel cold. To warm up, you go to the 700 m long foot reflexology path. The change in temperature is supposed to stimulate your immune system and strengthen your defences. 


Circular Kneipp trail through Bad Berka  

The history of Bad Berka as a spa town goes back more than 200 years ‚Äď it was even enjoyed by Goethe. On a circular Kneipp trail, you have many opportunities to enjoy the spring water and to combine the Kneipp pillars of water and exercise. Along a 9 km route, you can discover various treading pools, barefoot paths, arm dip basins, drinking fountains such as the Goethe Fountain in the spar gardens, and springs with fresh water.


Sprotte water adventure trail in Altenburger Land 

13 stops along the river Sprotte give you a better understanding of life on the water and encourage you to actively try things out. Over a distance of 9 km route, you will find a Kneipp and sensory path with natural materials such as sand, grass or stones. The Kneipp inner balance comes of its own accord when hiking ‚Äď you can test your physical balance on rope bridges or stepping stones in the water.

You can find more information about the Sprotte water adventure trail here.  


K squared: Kneipp and small train cycle path 

If you want to be a bit more active, try the K¬≤ cycle path. It runs for almost 26 km along a disused railway and leads through fields and past idyllic villages. Right on the route, near Tottleben, there is a Kneipp facility. A short detour into the town of Bad Tennstadt will reward you with a Kneipp pool that is laid out in a natural stream. There you can also try out the sulphur treading pool and various barefoot paths.  


Discover Thuringia’s spas and health resorts

Are you looking for further options for relaxation? We recommend our thermal baths with salt water or our healing climate spas. On the website of Thuringia’s spas and health resorts, you will find inspiration for your next wellness holiday.


Titelbild: Tobias Kromke, Bad Liebenstein GmbH

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