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Four culinary tips for Erfurt

Admiring impressive architecture, discovering remnants of the Middle Ages, marveling at crafts on the Krämerbrücke: a stroll through Erfurt makes you hungry. ADAC travel expert Heidi has a few tips for the big and small hunger, sweet or hearty.

Classic: the Thuringian Rostbratwurst

When the weather is nice, you can smell the Rostbratwurst from far away, as it is on the charcoal grill on every corner. It lands, well browned, in a roll on the hand - of course with mustard, like "true " Thuringians enjoy them. You can also take a stroll through the city and find bratwurst stands in popular places such as the main train station, the cathedral square or at the Schlösserbrücke. Or you can stop at a pub, where it is usually served with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes.

Local tip: Stop by Faustfood, an indoor grill in a medieval barn. Here you can find not only delicious sausage, but also Thuringian Rostbrätel, burgers, vegetarian food and other grilled delicacies. www.faustfood.de

Sweets: ice cream and chocolate from Goldhelm

A visit to one of the Goldhelm stores has become a must when strolling through Erfurt. Whether you're looking for a refreshment on a summer's day, a warming hot drink in winter, or a souvenir for your loved ones - you'll find it at Goldhelm.

The homemade ice cream varieties are popular - the classic is the Brückentrüffel variety, a chocolatey temptation. Fruity-fresh it is for example with yogurt & wild blueberry. As a gift, you can take the bridge truffle home in its original form as a praline. Or you can opt for hand-coated chocolate bars, nutty-chocolate spreads, drinking chocolate, and much more, all in lovely designed packaging, which owner Alex Kühn also creates himself. He also pays attention to natural ingredients from the region or from his own cultivation. www.goldhelm-schokolade.com

Delicatessen: the Ballenberger

Directly on the Krämerbrücke, the "Ballenberger" is a true oasis of pleasure and relaxation. The combination of individual-modern ambience and genuine dishes, created from fresh seasonal ingredients, is convincing.

The philosophy of the restaurant: give the individual components their space. Christin Ballenberger draws inspiration for her dishes from influences all over the world. Dishes are sometimes seasoned with Mediterranean herbs, sometimes African spices come into play or Asian notes. Priority is given to regional and seasonal products. The owner is particularly happy when her guests enjoy the variety, experience the food consciously and say afterwards: "Ballenberger - tastes like love." www.das-ballenberger.de

Vacation feeling: the "Magda" in Alach

If you need a break from the urban flair of Erfurt, we recommend a bike ride to Alach. Along seemingly endless poppy fields and fruit trees you will reach your destination within about 45 minutes. Once you arrive at the Magdalenengut, you'll be greeted by a Mediterranean atmosphere: a four-sided courtyard with light-colored brickwork, a free-standing clay oven, an inviting terrace, a herb garden and fragrant lavender.

The renovated half-timbered house is also cozy. André Radtke serves upscale country cuisine with an international touch. He uses seasonal ingredients to create a menu that changes monthly - and vegetarian options are available on request. It's worth coming back again and again.

Good weather tip: Order a richly filled picnic basket from "Magda" (please book in advance). With the delicacies you can look for a cozy spot in the surrounding area or simply extend your bike tour to the egapark and enjoy your picnic there. www.restaurant-magda.de 

More travel tips in Thuringia can be found at any ADAC office or travel agency.

Your ADAC travel expert Heidi Grubenick from the ADAC travel agency in Erfurt.


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