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Enjoy wild and romantic views surrounded by deep forests. Listen to the stories of a centuries-old castle. Take an extensive stroll through the lively old town. Discover art and culture in authentic places. Opposites attract, as we all know. All of this can be experienced in one place: Thuringia - where natural beauty, cultural treasures and insider tips lie close together.

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Information on the coronavirus pandemic

All the latest information on the situation regarding coronavirus in Thuringia can be found on the German government’s Federal Tourism Guide website. A new directive has been in effect in the Thuringia region since 2 June 2021. It permits many towns, cities and municipalities to take far-reaching steps towards reopening provided that the local seven-day incidence rate is under 100. Should a particular area exceed this limit, the federal emergency brake will still apply. The situation at local level is subject to change at very short notice. For this reason, we advise that you check with your accommodation provider or with the place you are visiting to see when and if they are able to open and if any restrictions apply. We cannot guarantee that the information on the pages that we link to is either up to date or complete.