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Always looking for the hidden gem around the corner? Thuringia’s towns and cities may be your choice of a travel destination then.  Like Erfurt for example. The description of the old town as having ‘one of Germany’s largest historical city centres’ doesn’t prepare you for its beauty. And this is not just about architecture, it’s about having all things in one place that make your stay likewise pleasant and entertaining: be it the beer-garden next to the river, the life music in a traditional German ‘Kneipe’ or the shopping on a medieval bridge. The secret of Erfurt? Probably the mixture of historical and easy-going. And it is just so beautiful! Thuringia is full of new experiences. 

Which insider tips do you want to discover?

The Saale Cycle Route – from dramatic to idyllic

Of wishes and dishes

A lucky skywalk, party time by the river and a night in a shiny caravan – all this and more awaits along the Saale Cycle Route.
Das Weingut Zahn, Blick von der Terasse in die Weinberge
Fine wine, fine food and unmissable events

The Zahn vineyard

In the small village of Kaatschen, one timber-framed house follows another. The Saale river flows along one side, while on the other the hills are covered in vines. The entrance to the village is a glorious sight as you cross the Saale river on a stone bridge into the district of Grossheringen. This idyllic spot is home to the Zahn winegrowing estate, and behind its wooden gates lies the restaurant with its inviting terrace. Here, vines grow above the heads of the guests to create a natural green roof.
Erfurter Dom und Severi Kirche im Sonnenaufgang mit Stadtblick
Later interior inspection not excluded

Cathedral from the outside

You want to enjoy the beautiful weather, but still get to know one of Erfurt's highlights? No problem. The charm of Erfurt Cathedral is also accessible from the outside. For the monumental impression, the best way to get to the cathedral square is through the narrow Mettengasse. Then the aha effect is greater. The Domberg on the west side of the square is then directly in front of you. On top of it two churches. Why are there two? That could be a longer story. We try to make it short and give you rather three tips for a "cathedral experience from the outside".
A visit to the Venerius restaurant

Heavenly quail and a shiitake muffin

Chef Felix Thomas loves unusual combinations, perhaps as a result of the many years he spent cooking abroad. Yet his award-winning restaurant in Eckolstädt is still down to earth, and the menu includes a range of regional dishes at very reasonable prices.
Der Märchendom
Tales from another world

Saalfeld Fairy Grottoes

If you think the days when making a wish used to work have long since gone, think again! Deep down below a mountain in Thuringia you can still find magical beings who will take you on a journey to a world where dreams come true.
Out and about with the Thuringia.MyCulture. app

Exploring Thuringia’s palaces

If someone mentions Thuringia, the first things that come to my mind are bratwurst sausages, the Thuringian Forest with the Rennsteig Trail, and tasty Thuringian dumplings – but palaces? Not so much.
at the Bachstelze

La Vie en rose

Located on the outskirts of the state capital Erfurt, directly in the countryside, #Bachstelzenflavour impresses with delicious, regional and handmade cuisine that makes even die-hard gourmets' mouths water.
The SaaleHorizontale walking trail

A great walk with great views

The evening sun peeks out from beneath the clouds, bathing Jena in a soft red glow. All of a sudden, the rain of the day is forgotten. A warm gust of wind carries with it the beautiful sound of singing from below: Dutch singer Caro Emerald is giving a concert in the theatre square on this Friday evening in July.
Schloss Ronneburg
Thüringen mit dem Würfel entdecken

Wie’s der Zufall will

Die Idee einer Zufallsreise mit der Bahn haben wir, Tim und Andreas, als eine Art Gegenkonzept zur touristischen Trophäenjagd entwickelt: Nicht bei den von Reiseführern oder Instagramern gepriesenen Sehenswürdigkeiten wollten wir landen, sondern das Unbekannte entdecken – jedes noch so kleine Dorf hat schließlich eine Historie und Einwohner, die es ihr Zuhause nennen.
Exploring the city with Thuringia.MyCulture.

A horticultural tour of Erfurt

Erfurt, the Thuringian state capital, is famous for its centuries-old horticultural tradition, first established in the 1800s by Christian Reichart, the Thuringian who raised plant cultivation in Germany to a professional level. Later there were major Erfurt horticultural dynasties such as Blumenschmidt, Haage and Chrestensen, and specific Thuringian plant and flower varieties. Erfurt’s success as a centre of gardening and growing has left its mark in many places. Although I have been here for more than ten years, I still have plenty to learn about the city I call home, as is so often the case. So with the help of the Thuringia.MyCulture. digital travel guide I’m embarking on a tour of discovery of ‘Erfurt – city of flowers’.
Saalfeld Fairy Grottoes

Of miners and fairies

The sun is shining, the backpacks and sturdy shoes are ready to go. This weekend, we’ve got a leisurely family outing planned. We’re off to Saalfeld, to the Fairy Grottoes World of Adventure, and we’re getting quite excited about it.
Bienenwiese auf Schloss Tonndorf
Cycling in the Ilm valley

Bees in a sea of blossoms

Rambling roses and old fruit trees are a common sight in the middle valley of the Ilm river, which flows at a leisurely pace past rolling hills, idyllic villages and meadows buzzing with bees – perfect for a laid-back cycling trip.
Krämerbrücke in Erfurt
Erfurt’s Krämerbrücke – a microcosm of craft and creativity

A bridge of merchants and more

Come along, down into the cold depth of the cellar. But remember to keep your head down and watch where you put your feet. These stone steps have been worn out over hundreds of years. We are headed into the interior of a bridge pier.
Primeval forest on the doorstep

The treetop trail in Hainich National Park

Ever wondered what a primeval forest looks like from above? Find out on the treetop trail in Hainich National Park. But hang on a minute, a primeval forest in the heart of Thuringia? Don’t worry, you won’t need to channel your inner Indiana Jones and battle your way through a jungle. Comfortable shoes and a sense of adventure are all you need for this memorable trip.
Blick auf Schloss Belvedere aus der Vogelperspektive
Weimar’s green spaces

Garden design on the river Ilm

“Paths are silent guides,” says Andreas Pahl, quoting the great landscape gardener Prince Pückler and points to a romantic, moss-covered stone structure flanked by a curved bridge – a picture-perfect ruin. The spruce trees nearby were by no means coincidental either. Weimar’s green spaces are admirable!
In full bloom

Bad Langensalza, the ‘rose town’

With its palm trees, olive trees and eleven parks and themed gardens, Bad Langensalza truly is a verdant town.
Auf der Bühne des Ekhof-Theaters Gotha, Inszenierung „Marc´Antonio e Cleopatra“ von Johann Adolph Hasse
The Ekhof Theatre in Gotha

Travelling through time to the Baroque period

The enchanting moment lasts just under seven seconds. A bell rings - and the curtains move with a gentle rattle as if moved by magic. The cliffs rise up, and the forest approaches. Afterwards the opera begins without interruption. Welcome to the small Baroque world of the Ekhof Theatre in Gotha, a cradle of modernday theatre culture!
A visit to Leuchtenburg Castle

Smashing porcelain for good luck

Have you ever deliberately smashed a plate? I’ve only done it accidentally, and then cursed myself for losing a piece of my lovely crockery. But when I visited Leuchtenburg Castle I did just that – I broke some porcelain on purpose! And along the way I saw and experienced even more curious things …
Erfurter Krämerbrücke in der Abenddämmerung
Views from the Merchants’ Bridge

A stroll around Erfurt

Thuringia’s capital is famous for the Merchants’ Bridge, the cathedral and other historical sights. But there is much more to be discovered on a stroll around the city: quiet corners, green spaces and quaint shops run by charming people.
Strolling along Lange Bruecke in Erfurt

A shopping street that hits all the right notes

Lange Bruecke in Erfurt is home to small independent shops full of charm and character – unique stores that are not part of a big chain and offer a shopping experience with a personal touch. Come and join us as we explore this delightful street and meet the friendly faces behind the shopfronts.