Sounds like Thuringia

A musical journey

From B like Bach to Z like Zughafen: When travelling in Thuringia, music is around every corner! In places of birth, life and work of great composers, in museums full of music history, in places that were an inspiration for famous musicians, in the workshops of instrument builders, at renowned festivals, traditional orchestras or simply on the street – In Thuringia there is not only much to see but also to hear.

Milestones in Music

Stelzen bei Reuth Festival, agricultural machinery symphony, romantic duet between saxophones and tractor engines ©Gregor Lengler, Thüringer Tourismus GmbH
Stelzen bei Reuth Festival

A symphony with tractors

The Stelzen Festival (stilt festival), held in the far south-east of Thuringia, may well be the quirkiest music festival in Germany. Every year, the latest version of the ‘agricultural machinery symphony’ kicks off a whole weekend of music interspersed with a generous helping of humour.
Trompeten in der Werkstatt von Alexander Weimann, Kapellendorf bei Weimar
A visit of the trumpet maker Alexander Weimann in Kapellendorf

Handmade products are testimonials of the soul

The life of a Weimann trumpet begins in a small room with a glass door to the courtyard: Alexander Weimann heats a piece of lead with a gas flame and pours the liquid metal into a primed, straight bell. The sheet must then cool down, to be able to bend it by hand over a round piece of wood in trumpet shape and hammer it smoothly.
Weimar master classes

Music from the stars of tomorrow

The Weimar master classes are a wonderful opportunity for young musicians – and an absolute pleasure for the audience.
Historischer Festsaal auf der Wartburg
Richard Wagner in Thuringia

Experience music and more in original settings

Wagner was no stranger to Thuringia. He visited the Venus Grotto and Wartburg Castle, where he found inspiration for his opera Tannhäuser, stayed in Meiningen with the duke and his family and obtained a fake passport in Jena. His legacy reflects the way he lived his life – bold, unconventional and full of drama …
When you can't hear much for a change

The sound of the Rennsteig Trail

As you’re walking along, it takes a while to realise that you can’t hear much for a change. Except for the buzzing of bees, the wind in the canopy and your own footsteps. It’s a quiet, but by no means uneventful tour from Oberhof to Allzunah.
Auf der Bühne des Ekhof-Theaters Gotha, Inszenierung „Marc´Antonio e Cleopatra“ von Johann Adolph Hasse
The Ekhof Theatre in Gotha

Travelling through time to the Baroque period

The enchanting moment lasts just under seven seconds. A bell rings - and the curtains move with a gentle rattle as if moved by magic. The cliffs rise up, and the forest approaches. Afterwards the opera begins without interruption. Welcome to the small Baroque world of the Ekhof Theatre in Gotha, a cradle of modernday theatre culture!
An interview with Rolf C. Hemke, artistic director of the Kunstfest Weimar arts festival

Weimar is a pocket-sized cultural hub

The Kunstfest Weimar arts festival is one of the town’s cultural highlights during the summer months. Internationally acclaimed artists join Weimar’s young, creative scene to transform its streets into a vibrant and inspiring stage. In this interview, the festival’s artistic director, Rolf C. Hemke, provides a fascinating look behind the scenes and also reveals which famous person from the past he would like to have coffee with.
The young music scene in Thuringia

Cool vibes and funky sounds

There’s much more to Thuringia than just classical music, with plenty on fresh sounds for young audiences on offer at venues throughout the region. The success of Erfurt-born rapper and songwriter Clueso is emblematic of a vibrant and richly varied scene here.
Eingangssituation Konzert von Vikingur Olafsson bei den Thüringer Bachwochen in Weimar
Thuringia Bach Festival

3 Questions to Christoph Drescher

With over 50 concerts at Eastertime, a whole region raises a sound. For the guests of the Thuringia Bach Festival it is exhilarating to listen to Bach´s music in authentic places. We have met the festival director for an interview.
Ausstellung im Bachhaus in Eisenach
Johann Sebastian Bach in Thuringia

A life of music

Throughout his life, the most famous scion of the Bach dynasty, Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750), proved that musicians are a restless sort … Bach was born in Eisenach, while Weimar, Ohrdruf, Arnstadt and Mühlhausen had the good fortune to provide a home to his talent, even if his paymasters of the time did not always appreciate it.

Sounds like Thuringia

There is a lot to see in the music state of Thuringia - but above all to hear. Here are the first acoustic appetisers and inspiration for your next visit to Thuringia!