Jewish Culture and History in Thuringia

Nine centuries of Jewish life

Thuringia uniquely combines a great architectural heritage with a long Jewish history that is still alive today. A discovery tour leads to Erfurt to the unique UNESCO ensemble of synagogue, mikveh and Stone House. But also to unexpected cultural treasures in smaller communities that tell of diverse Jewish stories in rural areas. It is a journey through several centuries - beginning in the Middle Ages, through the 19th century to the present day - which shows that in Thuringia, Jewish life and Jewish culture in all its diversity and vibrancy have a home not only in museums, but also in the here and now.

Sites of commemorative culture also play an important role in this theme.

Jewish Life in Thuringia

In the medieval old town of Erfurt there is a wealth of evidence of Jewish culture in everyday life and in community life. The discovery of the Erfurt Treasure in 1998 added a missing piece of the puzzle to the reconstruction of the city's Jewish history. Today, sites - including the Erfurt Treasure with its famous wedding ring - from various centuries can be explored. Exhibitions and events throughout Thuringia invite visitors to experience Jewish culture.