Cooling down

Our tips for cooling down

On hot summer days, waterside isn't the only place to cool down. You can also beat the heat in the city. Did you know that it's pleasantly cool inside many museums in the summer? In some of Thuringia's towns, you can also discover quite a few things underground. Perfect for leaving your sunglasses off for a while. Discover these different "cool" places.

Sommer: Hiergefühl Hohenwarte Stausee

2. Überschrift
Christian Hegenbarth and his Rollyboat
Zusammenfassung / Teaser
"My passion for water connects me with the region in Thuringia. Here at the Hohenwarte reservoir, I have the opportunity to pursue my hobbies, such as wakeboarding, motor boating and fishing, without having to travel long distances. But also just being able to relax and enjoy the view and nature make me happy and satisfied. I can work and at the same time spend my free time where others go on holiday."
Feel at home: Hohenwarte Stausee

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