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The various adventure tours make Thuringia.MyCulture. your perfect travel companion on your trip to Thuringia. The augmented reality app is constantly being expanded with different tours. Stay tuned. The cultural state of Thuringia still has some exciting stories to offer. Much cooler than boring and dry history lessons.

"Life in the Middle Ages - Jewish cultural heritage in Thuringia"

In a unique way, Thuringia combines architectural heritage with a long Jewish history that is still alive today. The tour leads to various important points of cultural heritage - starting in the Middle Ages, through the 19th century to the present day.

Jüdischer Hochzeitsring 

©Florian Trykowski, Thüringer Tourismus GmbH, Objekt im Bestand des Thüringer Landesamt für Denkmalpflege und Archäologie 

“Johann Sebastian Bach – a musical journey of discovery"

Johann Sebastian Bach and Thuringia go hand in hand like the Thuringian Bratwurst and mustard! Here in Thuringia, we value good sound! That is why we dedicate a separate explorer tour to the probably most famous musical export hit – Johann Sebastian Bach. Music lovers have got numerous starting points to trace his music and life. Look forward to accompanying the genius on his (life) journey with this multi-city adventure tour. The combination of Bach’s music and the authentic Thuringian Bach places will give you the shivers. Stories of his life, historic facts but also current references will help you to empathise with Bach, fill the locations with historical context and lets you appreciate the music in connection to Bach’s life story.

"Erfurt. City of Flowers"

The capital city holds a centuries-old horticultural tradition.

The tour casts a spotlight on the heyday of the flower city of Erfurt: Beginning with the horticultural pioneer Christan Reichart in the 18th century over the great Erfurt horticultural dynasties such as Blumenschmidt, Haage and Chrestensen to typical Thuringian plant and flower varieties.

The impressive success of Erfurt as a horticultural town has left its mark on the city: an oversized post office, memorial monuments and, above all, a vast network of green spaces. The explorer tour tells about these attractions with a focus on surprising anecdotes, all told with a wink. You will get to know the historical town of Erfurt from a very new perspective!

"The Grand Tour of Modernism"

The Bauhaus comes from Thuringia! Founded 100 years ago, this world-famous school of design is still shaping our notions of good design in the present day. This round trip will guide you to locations throughout Thuringia, taking you to 21 stops featuring iconic Bauhaus sites along the way.

©Alexander Burzik, Impulsregion Erfurt, Weimar, Jena, Weimarer Land

"Thuringian Personalities"

This interactive tour quite literally brings the “360 Degrees – Discover Thuringia Digitally” discovery world in Erfurt to life. Meet great minds and intelligent individuals from Thuringia with figures such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Martin Luther, Konrad Duden and Walther Gropius inviting you to join them on an extraordinary guided tour.

"Weimar Modernism"

There are many different aspects to “Modernism” in Weimar and this tour lets you experience them in their full diversity. The Weimar Constitution was adopted 100 years ago, which is also when Walter Gropius founded his famous “Bauhaus” school of arts. This tour invites you to discover the traces of Modernism, taking you to a total of 13 fascinating locations in Weimar city centre.

"Zeitreise ins Mittelalter"

Thuringia.MyCulture. nimmt euch mit auf eine außergewöhnliche Zeitreise ins mittelalterliche Erfurt. Erlebt die Geschichte hautnah und erkundet die einmalige mittelalterliche Altstadt von Erfurt auf eigene Faust. Anekdoten aus dem mittelalterlichen Alltag machen die Tour zu einer interaktiven Zeitreise in die Vergangenheit. Woher kommt eigentlich der Ausdruck "Die Kurve kratzen", wie hört sich die Gloriosa eigentlich läutend an und was hat Erfurt eigentlich mit Bier zu tun? All das noch viel mehr entdeckt ihr in dieser Erlebnistour.

Foto Fischmarkt: ©Gregor Lengler, Thüringer Tourismus GmbH

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